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PostPosted: 21. October 2007 14:17
by Wiedmann
Maybe there is a problem with the browser cache?

With '<link href="style_goals.css" ...', can you see the access for this file in the "access.log"?

PostPosted: 21. October 2007 15:07
by LizzyFin
Update: Problem seems isolated to Firefox as the styled output is now appearing in IE. A couple issues (now fixed) that kept the page from validating may have previously interferred with IE7 showing the css-style(?) but now it does.

I dumped the firefox browser cache and restarted and still get no style on the chart.php page.

Yes, access.log shows these two lines (among others) -

Code: Select all - - [21/Oct/2007:09:55:50 -0400] "GET /chart.php/style_goals.css HTTP/1.1" 200 15098 - - [21/Oct/2007:09:55:50 -0400] "GET /chart.php/favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 15086

PostPosted: 21. November 2007 08:14
by popcorndave
The problem is still apparent in Firefox as well. I've got the same problem. Using localhost it works, but without specifying localhost I get the same black text on white background.

The only difference is that I'm having this problem in a CGI script in Perl.