MySQL Server is not Running

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MySQL Server is not Running

Postby moeu » 16. October 2007 03:21

I'm new to XAMPP and I just installed it on my laptop with Vista Home Premium with User Account Control turned off. Also I don't set up any service. When I pushed the two buttons (Apache and MySQL) in the control panel, it seems both are running with green. However, when I tried to set up security password for MySQL in the security section, it doesn't allow me to set up username and password and it has a warning as follows:-

"MySQL server is not running or is blocked by a firewall!"

Even when I turned off my firewall, this message is still shown up. By the way, I haven't created any database at this time. Is there anything I have overlooked or is it not running because I don't set up as a service? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Postby ldivinag » 20. October 2007 09:48

i have installed XAMPP a few times now.

and somehow, each time, the mysql service cant/wont run.

no biggie.

just manually unload the xampp's mysql service.

then download and install the latest version from mysql.

or do what i did. grab another windows box, cram as much RAM i could in it. then just install mysql as the sole purpose.

put the box behind our work's firewall so it is not exposed to the internet.

but the exposed xampp box can still access the data...
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