xampp installed, need help with Mercury please!

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xampp installed, need help with Mercury please!

Postby Overlord » 13. October 2007 00:41


a guy I know at IRC talked me into using XAMPP as a mailserver.
Personally I know nothing about sql or apache or ...
I can help myself setting up emailadresses, formatting a pc and reinstalling, like a basic user.
Maybe a few more skills but not what I need here.

My problem is that I need to setup 3 mailinglists and don't know how.
My no-ip is set to listman.sytes.net and I also have a MX record there set to listman.sytes.net

the emailadresses I want to use for my 3 lists is:

When they send a mail to the list everyone should receive it

How do I need to setup Mercury?

Thx in advance!
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