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Apache / Webservice / PHP / XAMPP 1.6.4 / PHP 5.2.4

Postby zygwi » 11. October 2007 13:51

Hello everyone,
I have a big problem with the webservices.

I use the libraries SOAP/Server.php and SOAP/Client.php.
The programs run under win xp.

My program written in PHP attacks tables in a database and returns the result to the customer.

As long as I reached tables of normal or reduced sizes, no problem, but when I reach a very big table, the process apache falls.

The problem does not come from the writing of the Client and the Server of the webservice, but of the size of the recovered data.

Is there a modifiable limit?
Somebody has it confronted with this problem and could solve it?

Please, help me !
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Postby ldivinag » 20. October 2007 09:39

maybe your machine is running out of memory????

throw as much RAM as you can...
leo d.
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Postby zygwi » 26. October 2007 14:54

the problem is corrected.
It was an error of program.

I have now an other problem.

I do :
"$client = new SoapClient("http://NameOfTheServer/toto/toto.php?wsdl");"

It doesn't work.

But when I do :

"$client = new SoapClient("http://IPAdressOfTheServer/toto/toto.php?wsdl");"

It's work.

I cannot access of the server via host name of the server.
PHP cannot translate into IP Adress.

With other programs, i have not this problem.

Does somebody have an explanation?
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Postby djoey1982 » 26. October 2007 18:59

try editting your local hosts file, and add the name of your computer with your ipadress.

in windows it is: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

then add

192.168.x.x mycomputershostname

save the file and try again.
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