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XAMPP/Apache Not working for other people

PostPosted: 08. October 2007 13:16
by Shivam
I port forwarded to 80, so i tried if the site works and it does. I tell my friend to try it but he cant access it. Whats the problem that i did?

PostPosted: 08. October 2007 23:18
by delftdamage
config your firewall to allow connections to port 80 from outside your local network.

PostPosted: 09. October 2007 03:13
by Shivam
i dont need to config my firewall, i already know my router is open to port 80 because i use other ports and it lets people in just fine

PostPosted: 10. October 2007 02:50
by Shivam
Can anyone find a solution please?

PostPosted: 11. October 2007 02:49
by Shivam
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) DEACTIVATED

Server Side Includes (SSI) DEACTIVATED

this is what i think is the problem any solutions?