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NEED - Mercury Mail Setup Instructions for Xampp.

PostPosted: 03. October 2007 16:26
by solveyourcase
:D Hello to any Xampp Tech Support person for Mercury Mail..

I'm trying to set up my Mercury Mail Server.

I can get it to work on localhost.

:evil: But I'm having trouble trying to plugin my IP address and stuff.

:oops: And I can't seem to get it to work.

I have static ip's, I have my own domain running.
And I have my DNS provider pointing to my Static IP address.

:?: Is there a step-by-step guide / instructions that I can use to set this up so I can get my email service set up for my family?

:wink: Please if there is please send me the instructions to my email address.

Thanks to anyone that can help a "Novice Webmaster"

Mike Montgomery