Mysql Not working on widnows! Arrghhhhhh

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Mysql Not working on widnows! Arrghhhhhh

Postby digitman » 26. September 2007 03:13


I've installed Xampp on my windows 98 development laptop. Starting Xampp starts Apache, going to http://localhost works, but going to the 'Status' page shows MySQL databases as de-activated. PhpMyAdmin gives the error 'The server is not responding'. Also, clicking 'Start Xampp' gives the following error:

Cannot find messagefile 'D:/xampplite/mysql/share/english/errmsg.sys'

Even though that exact file exists in that directory! Searching the forums, googling, installing, re-installing, and re-booting the computer haven't helped. I think I may just have to install MySQL seperately.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this error?
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Postby Izzy » 26. September 2007 05:16

You can try this first but not sure if it works in W98 - not been there for so long now:

Close the XAMPP Control Panel after stopping all the services that might be running.

Open a command prompt:
Click on Start
Click on Run...
Type in sc delete mysql
Type Enter

Now try again to start XAMPP's Apache and MySQL.

Also with everything stopped go to xampp\xampp-portcheck.exe double click on it and see if all ports XAMPP needs are free.

Take a look at the new DeskTopXampp launch control for XAMPP and XAMPPlite (DTX.exe)
posted by ridgewood: ... 967#103967
Also available here:
I highly recommend DTX.
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Postby digitman » 26. September 2007 05:48

I've found an easier solution to this. I simply downloaded MySQL 4.1.x and ran its setup file, and I chose MySQL to be installed in:
directory. So it simply overwrote the Xampp's default MySQL installation. And wham, its working now!

Hope this helps someone in future, because I spent hours searching for this and couldn't find any solutions.
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