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Xammplite, how do I create multiple sites on the local

PostPosted: 25. September 2007 01:17
by thepatriotman
I am new to webdesign, but want to learn, I have installed Xampplite on windows XP sp2, to use Joomla software locally. I need to be able to create mulitple websites.
THere isnt much out there on this topic, I have tried creating a different directory under /htdocs and extract the Joomla files in to the new directory. I am not able to pull up the main page. I get an object could not be found error.
I did read that I can have multiple site but I would need mulitple databases, and then someone else said it wasnt a good idea.
Has anyone tried this out and if so where do I create my new directory and database.
Thank you

PostPosted: 26. September 2007 00:16
by delftdamage
you can create multiple databases with phpmyadmin.

for multiple site_roots you have to config vhosts

the file is located in c:/xampp/apache/conf/extra/vhosts.conf
it has some examples in it as comments, just use a texteditor to open the file and config and uncomment what you need

after editing vhosts.conf you must restart apache

PostPosted: 26. September 2007 23:53
by thepatriotman
I want to thank you for the reply, I was speaking to other people I work with and they also mentioned the Vhosts.