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Postby scrtadmr8 » 22. September 2007 17:07

Did search on above topic and saw 11 replies with 2 in english.

Have installed xampp on desktop and laptop. Exchange hp 17inch for gateway (9cell and 15.4). Trying to be smart, I installed with service default off. Will click required service on when needed and when xampp running. Why u ask. Dislike internet on and xampp running with service on while taking a nap (accident do happen and laptop screens make me sleepy sometimes) for I did a couple of times in the past.

Will install with xampp with service default to on or gather more knowledge for I do prefer default off and click service to on when needed.

One liner on what is MSVcp71.dll (function / purpose)? From those post, it says after installing xampp with service off to copy this file. Where to get copy or to find? It never mention in post. Upon getting copy of MSVcp71.dll, have to remember where to place this dll.

U guess right. Vista with xampp 1.6.2 is the enviroment. U also guess right for I did install Vista with service on with hp and left port 80 open while napping.

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Postby confused2gether » 29. October 2007 15:54

That file is used for Java purposes. You can find that file in your local java installation folder such as the following:

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_03\bin

You should find it in there and make a copy and put it into your windows/system32 folder. The reason for this is because Tomcat seems to not want to start properly if you dont have that file in there.

I hope that answers your question
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