Incomming connections blocked!

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Incomming connections blocked!

Postby weisermann8 » 16. September 2007 17:52

This thing drives me mad! I am trying for days now....

I installed Apache and for incoming connections on the server port from localhost this thing works fine. But (I am behind a router) for connections either from clients in my LAN nor from the outside this thing works! It just times out.

So, what should I do? I already disabled the Windows firewall and the routers firewall. No change. Then, I tested this preconfigured webserver HFS ( That's not working either...

Because this is true for clients in my LAN, I suppose the reason is burried somewhere in Windows. But where? Even disabling the Windows firewall doesn't have any effect.

I am so frustrated! Please help! Thanks so much, guys!

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