How to install DB_File Perl module ?

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How to install DB_File Perl module ?

Postby serpentis » 11. September 2007 04:45

I'm running Windows XP Professional and I installed XAMPP for Windows and the Perl 5.8.8-2.2.4 Add-On. I need to install Ikonboard but it says "You do not have the db_file perl module installed on this server. You will not be able to run Ikonboard."

Where do I get the DB_File Perl module and how do I install it?
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Postby Izzy » 11. September 2007 09:38

Make sure the path to perl has been defined in your Ikonboard's configuration.
The first line (shebang) of a perl script should contain the path to perl with any command line switches.

Linux based OS:

Windows based OS:
Change the path to your own perl.exe path.

To find out if your perl is working go to:

Select the Perl menu item under Demos heading.

You should see some test links.

Click on the link to http://localhost/perl/

which should bring up a web page containing a table with all the perl modules installed by default plus lots more info about your Perl version.

To install a perl module make sure you are connected to the Internet.
Open a command prompt in xampp\perl\bin directory
Type ppm at the prompt and hit Enter key.
Use the Perl Packet Manager when it finishes loading all the perl modules in your system that it can locate at the ActiveState Package Repository.

once you have located the full perl module name to search for and the module is not in that list, follow the DB_File example below.

Enter DB_File in the text box in ppm and wait for the list of DB_File modules to appear.
Highlight DB_File and click on the + Mark for install icon
Then click on the -> arrow icon and it should install for you.

If it does then you could answer this post in the Ikonboard's Forum

A Google search with some good results.

Take a look at the new DeskTopXampp launch control for XAMPP and XAMPPlite (DTX.exe)
posted by ridgewood: ... 967#103967
Also available here:
I highly recommend DTX.
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Postby serpentis » 11. September 2007 19:17

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed instructions Izzy. I've never done this before and your instructions were easy to follow. You provided the step by step instructions I needed that I could not find elsewhere.

I have another question now. The DB_File module is listed as being installed in the PPM, but it is not listed in http://localhost/perl/ even after I restarted Apache. Is this a problem? Should I see it listed there?
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Re: How to install DB_File Perl module ?

Postby hamid22 » 02. October 2014 09:32

Hi anyone
when i Type ppm at the prompt and hit Enter key. this error displayed
"this application has failed to start because libexpat-1_.dll was not found "
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Operating System: windowsxp

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