Help with make new path for db

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Help with make new path for db

Postby nomadesign » 07. September 2007 15:03

Hi Everyone:
I'm using XAMPP and I have built my db but I need to know if I can change the location of the db. I know its in the C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\data files.
How do I change the dir. (path) so that I can have the db with the actually files of the website that I'm working on.
path to project would be

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Postby lyntuan » 09. September 2007 13:12

Try to use ampstart to start Xampp. Edit ampstart.ini

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Postby outlaw » 09. September 2007 20:12

C:\Program Files\xampp/mysql/bin/my.conf

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# The MySQL server
basedir="C:/Program Files/xampp/mysql"
tmpdir="C:/Program Files/xampp/tmp"
datadir="C:/Program Files/xampp/mysql/data"
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