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Biorhythm by Till Gerken - how to change curveline thickness

PostPosted: 05. September 2007 09:17
by oavs

I know it might be a trivial question but I need to know how to change the line thickness in the Biorhythm by Till Gerken.

I used the same code in my page here and to improve its visibility I need top know how. Please hint where exactley to insert within the code as I am a novus.

Many thanks

PostPosted: 05. September 2007 10:55
by ldivinag
IIRC, the biorhythm graphs are made using GD graphics.

read up on GD and then read the code.

PostPosted: 05. September 2007 12:29
by oavs
ok I found this. at
Code: Select all
   // now draw each curve with its appropriate parameters
   /* Set thickness. */
   //gdImageSetThickness(im, 4);

which I assume is relevant to what I want but where does it go within the code?

If you don't know, not to worry, I am sure some one else could help me out here.

Thanks in any case