Restorign xampp

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Restorign xampp

Postby seba_k » 04. September 2007 14:02

I have xampp installed, and I had a large mysql database.
Due to a mistake, I deleted the entire database
I didn't have a .sql backup (like the ones from phpmyadmin).
But I do have a back up on a tape with the entire xampp folder.
Will restoring this folder bring my database back?
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Postby Izzy » 05. September 2007 00:11

You can try this:

You only need to locate your databases on your tape backup in the xampp\mysql\data directory and copy either this directory to your currently installed XAMPP or just copy over the individual database file to your currently installed XAMPP xampp\mysql\data directory.
The databases are in individual directories named after the database itself.

If you had a database name wordpress then that database would be contained in a directory called wordpress in your mysql data directory
If this was the deleted database you mentioned then all you need do is locate and copy this directory over from your backup to your current mysql data directory.

Take a look at the new DeskTopXampp launch control posted by ridgewood: ... 967#103967

The DeskTopXampp launch control for XAMPP and XAMPPlite (DTX.exe)
is available here:

I highly recommend DTX.
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Postby ldivinag » 05. September 2007 10:52

izzy's post can only work if the mysql engine used is myisam.

otherwise, if innodb is used, everything is stored in a single file. and restoring from that...

well i was unable to help a coworker recover his.

try these: ... 39692.html

if it were me, and i have backup tape of the entire xampp directory? i would just restore the entire thing and try to recover the data.

then do a SQL dump.

then reinstall xampp and then restore the data.

then think about a proper backup procedure... lol....
leo d.
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