Xampp on Windows with Kerberos

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Xampp on Windows with Kerberos

Postby MadPax666 » 30. August 2007 22:33

I don't know if I'm getting the following idea through ok or not.

What I'm trying to do is to have SSO (Single Sign On) on a couple of php scripts (joomla) on a xampp apache server running on a W2K box.

I would like to have all my W2003 domain users to NOT to have to login repeatedly into a cms which can contact a kerberos server and LDAP.

I managed to have them recognized against the Active directory on the Domain Controller.

I now wanted to enable the mod_auth_kerb.so module but I cannot find this module anywhere in the xampp installation. I have found the source code for it on the internet (sourceforge) but I can't compile it for the W2K box.

Can any of you guys or AF provide me with this module in a compiled form?
Alternatively could anyone point me in the right direction if I am not looking at my SSO soulution adequately?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Xampp on Windows with Kerberos

Postby j_merritt » 12. September 2011 23:27

Does anybody have a link where this module can be downloaded in a compiled form?
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