Multiple SSL Name Based Virtual Hosts using mod_gnutls

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Multiple SSL Name Based Virtual Hosts using mod_gnutls

Postby Axiomatrix » 28. August 2007 13:44

Does anyone have a clue how to implement the mod_gnutls module in a windows based apache server so that Name based secure virtual hosts can be configured using TLSv1 - 1.1 and SSLv3.

The GnuTLS is a linux developed library and does have a port for Windows, I don't know enough about Linux to equate the compile process to the windows method to build the module from the source code to run in Apache on Windows.

Failing that, the other option is a beta version of OpenSSL 0.9.9, which can be obtained from the OpenSSL daily snapshot ftp site, but again I need pointers to compile the modules on a windows server as 0.9.9 has yet to be released as a compiled version.
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