"phpMyAdmin: Error - Cannot start session without erro

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"phpMyAdmin: Error - Cannot start session without erro

Postby Josef vM » 27. August 2007 15:01

I downloaded the new PHP version 1.6.3a installer and extracted it to my c:\ root directory. It loaded fine but when I tried to access phpMyAdmin, it gave me the error...

"phpMyAdmin Error: Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly."

I did a quick search on the internet to see how much this problem was coming up and found the same error being generated on Windows platforms around the world. I followed the path... c:\xampp\apache\log\error.txt (the log folder) and found this error generated...

[Mon Aug 27 07:45:52 2007] [error] [client] PHP Warning: Unknown: open(C:\\DOCUME~1\\MyFolder\\LOCALS~1\\Temp\\php\\session\\sess_mph1aapojmqiaed5k0all04gp7, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0, referer: http://localhost/xampp/navi.php

I looked in the Temp folder and sure enough, no sessions directory. I added the nested folders ../php/session/ and phpMyAdmin came right up!

I hope this will save a lot of you a sleepless night trying to figure out why the adminstrator won't run.

Good luck...
Josef vM
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Re: "phpMyAdmin: Error - Cannot start session without erro

Postby junk007 » 26. July 2010 13:23

In addition to the reply by Josef vM

if you experience such error, Just clear your browser cache and browsing history
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Re: "phpMyAdmin: Error - Cannot start session without erro

Postby karonterrier » 21. August 2011 14:18

Hello Josef,

I am getting the error that you had. Could you please explain in detail what you did to fix it. I am new to open source and I'm beginning to think its a bunch of junk.

Thank you,

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Re: "phpMyAdmin: Error - Cannot start session without erro

Postby JonB » 21. August 2011 21:06

Well since you are looking at a post that is 4 years old, and the poster 'Josef' made 2 posts - I don't think Josef's gonna be able to help you.

If YOU want help -

YOU need to tell us the XAMMP version, what folder XAMMP is installed in, the Windows version AND what your ACTUAL error is.

Good Luck
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