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Game server + not seterd XAMPP - MySQL = NOTHING :(

PostPosted: 26. August 2007 18:15
by Sliekas33
If you understand my subject you now know that I dont know how to get my server reach another computer. Im NooB here so I asked help. Sory If I breaked any rules. Whatever I want to know how to set my server work? I need mySQL but there I can get it?


PostPosted: 30. August 2007 21:09
by Smackie
hello Sliekas33

If im understanding you correctly you want it so people from other computers can connect to your site that you are hosting on Xampp right?

if your using a router you will need to open port 80 unless they are already open then you will need to go to and then take the ip it gives you and post it in the address bar which should come up either a xampp page unless you took out the index.htm and the index.php page and put yours in there then it would show up as your pages... now to access your databases you will need to get your ip again then type it into Address bar (example: ( will be your ip btw) and then hit enter and it should take you in there and if i was you if your going to run a game off that server you better create a password for the root user and make your own user and password as well..