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Postby jm_shoots » 21. August 2007 06:03

Hi all,

Fist of all Thanks to Apache for xampp.

Please consider me a dumb on these things but I want to set up an FTP server which can be access on the www so I downloaded xampp and installed it and set up the FTP using filezilla server. I created diffrent FTP accounts with diffrent passwords and usernames using my computers IP adress and everything went good via network.

my question is how can I use the FTP accounts I created outside the network through an internet connection?

should I use the IP address of the computer where everything is installed and setup?

I have no idea! I don't have a registered domain name as well since i dont want a website. just an FTP server.

Please help.

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Postby Smackie » 31. August 2007 04:54

Well you can use your ip address just like accessing your site from a different computer. as long as you have it setup to access it from outside of your computer

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