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Change MySQL Port

Postby monkeynote » 19. August 2007 19:41

hello guys!

im new to XAMPP and this application really ROCKS! 8)

but i only have one question... how can i change the default PORT of MySQL (3306 to 3308)?

i am using PortableApps and i successfully changed my apache port from 80 to 8080. i need to change my ports to avoid some conflicts with my default webserver in my PC (port 80) and my default MySQL server at port 3306.

i hope that you can help me with my problem guys :(
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Postby Izzy » 19. August 2007 22:21

You need to edit my.cnf ( or it may be just called my and looks like a link) in xampp\mysql\bin directory.

To edit it you will need to drag the file into your text editor.

When finished just select to Save the file from within your text editor's File menu.

Restart the MySQL server.

Take a look at the new DeskTopXampp launch control posted by ridgewood: ... 967#103967

The DeskTopXampp launch control for XAMPP and XAMPPlite (DTX.exe)
is available here:

I highly recommend DTX.
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Postby monkeynote » 20. August 2007 03:56

thanks for the reply :)

i edit my.cnf but the problem is that... in my xampp control panel, it detects my mysql on my pc previously installed as a service (3306) and not in my mysql portableapps port (3307)

i hope that you can help me with this :cry:
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