Install on Win98 SE problems

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Install on Win98 SE problems

Postby Everett » 03. August 2007 19:05

installed Xampp on Win98se and cannot get it to work. When I open the control panel and click on Start for apache and mysql, a message comes up that says starting, but the panel never changes to the green running. When I go to localhost and check the status mysql is not running.

I have to shut down apache via DOS - can't do it with the control panel. Mysql never starts even though it say it does.

I tried starting mysql from DOS and get the message [ERROR] cant find messagefile 'c:\xampp\mysql\share\english\errmsg.sys' Aborting The path is correct and the file exists. I have double and triple checked the path names in the my.cnf file, php.ini file, tried setting the default dir when starting mysql from DOS - none worked.

I unistalled xampp and rebooted then reinstalled - same problem. So I uninstalled xampp and downloaded mysql from and got the same response [ERROR] cant find messagefile 'c:\xampp\mysql\share\english\errmsg.sys' Aborting .

Does mysql not work on Win98SE or what do I do to fix this problem? After three days of searching the forums here and at I am no closer to getting this solved and am about ready to give up.

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Postby glitzi85 » 03. August 2007 21:31


you should learn how to search. I only say: RTFM ;-)

So with Version 5 of MySQL the Non-NT Windows are no more supported. Either you download MySQL 4.1:

or an older XAMPP:
(sorry, no Idea which MySQL-Version used in which XAMPP-Release)

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