Will XAMPP work with ZoneAlarm?

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Will XAMPP work with ZoneAlarm?

Postby Bingobob » 30. July 2007 09:06


I have Zone Alarm Security Suite 7 installed on my PC.

Zone Alarm is very strict in stopping all kinds of intrusions, so it may regard the XAMPP stack as being a security problem. I'm afraid if I install XAMPP, there will be problems because of this, even though Zone Alarm is a very good AV and anti spyware product.

My questions before I install:

1) Has anyone used XAMPP with Zone Alarm 7 and had no problems? Like logging into the control panel....I think Zone Alarm will silently turn it off so that you cannot log in.

2) Will XAMPP uninstall totally, if I decide to uninstall it? I dont want it to leave behind traces of dll files....or any kind of files. I've tried Apache2Triad before (last year), and I think it left behind traces when I uninstalled it.

3) Will XAMPP open up a doorway for my PC to get hacked into? Like outsiders can try to access my PC by somehow connecting via the XAMPP because XAMPP turns my PC into a server?

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