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XAMPP very slow on Windows Vista

PostPosted: 25. July 2007 16:46
by internetfreakz

I download the lastest version of XAMPP for my Windows Vista but when I go to http://localhost or some other 'local' page, XAMPP reacts very slow.

There are passing over then seconds before my page is loaded.

Is this normal on Windows Vista?

Thanks for your answers!


PostPosted: 25. July 2007 22:06
by davidspan
no, not for me anyways.

Do you have it installed on a thumdrive? if so, it might have a slow read/write speed.

PostPosted: 25. July 2007 22:25
by internetfreakz
No, it's installed on a partition of my internal HD

PostPosted: 26. July 2007 00:04
by KingCrunch
If this partition share one hdd with others, than it can be slowed down by other apllications (also Windows) accessing on the other partitions. Especially when on one of the other partitions is the swap file for the virtual memory, than applications has to wait until windows is ready ;)
On the other hand your whole system takes part of the performance of every single application youre running. If youre low of memory, its slows down, if youve a slow CPU, it slows down. Vista itself needs a significant amount of memory, so this may be your bottleneck.

PostPosted: 26. July 2007 09:14
by internetfreakz
It's a new system: A Intel CPU Core 2 Duo 2,4 Ghz with 2GB of RAM...

When I pick up a page, my processor is not in a stress situation...

PostPosted: 28. July 2007 20:28
by Enigmatical
Bumping this.

I'm having the same problem. I'm running XAMPP as an administrator in Vista, no other programs running on port 80, not a full CPU load. When I type in 'http://localhost', there's a delay of a few seconds (status bar says 'Connecting to localhost...', and then finally a page will begin to appear.

I've tried disabling ipv6 for my network connection thinking it's trying to do a DNS lookup of localhost. I don't know what else to do. It's not impossible to develop on a system like this, it's just frustrating waiting for the server to respond when it should be instantaneous.


PostPosted: 17. August 2007 09:36
by emwede
on a german version of vista Ultimate I saw the same problem, whereas the same xampp-folder copied to a german vista enterprise did work properly fast. So after some investigation I found this solution

Code: Select all
open a command shell as an Administrator
type: netsh
type: interface
type: portproxy
type: add add v6tov4 listenport=80 connectport=80

to verify everything worked out fine

Code: Select all
type: show v6tov4

result should look like this (probably you get it in another language :):

Abfragen auf ipv6:             Verbinden mit ipv4:

Adresse         Anschluss   Adresse         Anschluss
--------------- ----------  --------------- ----------
*               80          localhost       80

for me this gives me a fairly fast xampp on german vista ultimate typing http://localhost in the browser. Actually it worked fast before when I called instead of "localhost" So this was the starting point of my investigations and might be a good workaournd as well.

PostPosted: 16. September 2007 08:17
by internetfreakz
Does not work by me, or on Windows Vista Business :(

PostPosted: 30. September 2007 11:50
by th1alb
hey, i have the same problem and the solutuions in this forum didnt work for me too.
in another forum ive read that uninstalling zonealarm has helped. i have zonealarm installed and i dont want to uninstall it. so does anybody know what to do?

PostPosted: 10. October 2007 18:36
by deep_kop
iam a rookie with apache..i have downloaded xampp for windows vista ,and its running good i have a doubt on if i have to stop the apache server when iam not using it but dont know how to stop running it !!!
i coudn't do it with the xampp control panel!!
please help!!!


PostPosted: 11. October 2007 10:08
by skuipers
Here you can find information how to stop XAMPP.

PostPosted: 10. December 2007 15:09
by egi
th1alb wrote:hey, i have the same problem and the solutuions in this forum didnt work for me too.
in another forum ive read that uninstalling zonealarm has helped. i have zonealarm installed and i dont want to uninstall it. so does anybody know what to do?

I don't have ZoneAlarm installed, but also have the effects described above. I use Vista Business with Windows Firewall and when I deactivate that, the problem still persists. The 'portproxy' command from above also didn't help.

Does anyone have more information about this? I'm desperately seeking a solution to make my Apache respond with a resonable speed...

Thanks for any pointers!

Problem Solved

PostPosted: 11. December 2007 10:58
by egi
Since I have been searching so long for an answer to above problem, I post the solution I found myself yesterday... maybe it helps someone else :)

The problem has to do with the firewall. The Service 'Base Filtering Engine' (or 'Basisfiltermodul' on a German Vista) which is only used by other services related to the firewall produced the delay on my Vista Business.

After disabling the service (and of course all it's children inclusive the firewall) I installed another free firewall software (PC Tools Firewall) and since then my system is as responsive as XP used to be :D


Re: XAMPP very slow on Windows Vista

PostPosted: 18. February 2010 14:18
by djokodonev
Hey guys.

I have installed XAMPP on windows 7 ultimate and it is running awfully slow...

I tried to look for a solution to this problem but i don't see one anywhere?

Some help please?

Re: XAMPP very slow on Windows Vista

PostPosted: 31. July 2011 11:06
by phusick
I experienced very slow Apache on my Windows 7 Ultimate and found out the problem is caused by Windows Live Family Safety. Just uninstalled it and Apache runs smoothly again.