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Postby Alrik2 » 24. July 2007 18:50

I would like to use the Pear package image_graph in my xammp installation.

If i download the file into my pear directory it is one big file.
I understand i have to install it with the commandline tool, but that doesn't work. It also says that i have no pear packages installer, altough i have a pear directory full of files that i can use.
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Postby ldivinag » 27. July 2007 20:06

you should be able to go into the PHP directory branch under the XAMPP tree.

find "go_pear.bat" and run it.

oops... looks like the XAMPP folks renamed it to "pear.bat" and it's under the c:\...\xampp\php directory.

from there, it runs normally with the usual command screen...
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