Apache Start Up

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Apache Start Up

Postby cgsmith1 » 24. July 2007 15:19


I'm having trouble running the Apache start up from the XAMPP Control Panel. In the message box I just receive the answer "busy".

I do not have Skype and I've tried it with both firewall and anti-virus software disabled (in case that interfered with Port 80).

I've tried changing the port to 85 in th http.conf file and saving it, but it still seems to recognise Port 80 when it states its busy.

Any help appreciated. Thanks Greg
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Postby mrtunes » 15. September 2007 09:56

if you play with the virtual hosts files make sure to be extra careful about syntax i've found. it's like an html file that offers very little information as to why it's not working in a bare state - either the green light goes on or it doesn't. a backslash in the conf file is enough to make your apache not start. that's just one thing i've found while spending quite a few hours at this and finally my test site is up and running.
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