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How to auto start Apache and MySQL in XAMPP

PostPosted: 24. July 2007 06:46
by joboy

I am a new member of this forum and new to XAMPP for Windows as well. First, I want to say thanks to people behind this great tool, xampp relieved me from lots of burden.

Just want to ask on how to make Apache and MySQL automatically start every time I will boot the PC? I don't know if it is only in my case or it is how xampp configured it, thus I need to access xampp's control panel to manually start apache and mysql. Thanks.

PostPosted: 24. July 2007 09:27
by lyntuan
1. Use AMPstart to start XAMPP
2. Add AMPstart shortcut to Startup group

PostPosted: 24. July 2007 23:47
by outlaw
-open the XAMPP Control Panel (via start menu or installation dir)
-tick the SVC ckeckbox next to Apache and MySql

PostPosted: 25. July 2007 06:27
by joboy
Just logged in..


It is surprising to know how simple to change the "settings". I'll check this stuff when I got home after work.


You provided me valuable feature with the link you gave. Xampp is not just "easy" but also "portable".

Thanks for the replies. :D