XAMPP, PHP, and AceHTMLPro editor

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XAMPP, PHP, and AceHTMLPro editor

Postby lfperry » 18. July 2007 01:05

I know the following questions are not directly associated with XAMPP, but I am sure they are questions that affect some of us now and future newbies.

I have XAMPP-win32-1.6.2 up and running on WIN XP home SR2.

Apache and mysql running from xampp_start.

I have the open-realty (an open source PHP app) up and running from the c:/xampp/htdocs/OR directory.

I have installed the AceHTMLpro 6.4.2 editor and I am trying to get the Internal Browser or the External Browser to let me view the local web site using the php and pearl interpreters. Viacom says this works, but there is no detailed help, and the Viacom forum was locked up last year, but still searchable. I searched, and I seem to be on the right track, but it just won't work..

My files are stored c:/xampp/htdocs/OR/index.php etc.

The AceHTML internal browser can have an optional "base url" and the help says:

Use a base URL: At start up, the internal browser connects directly to the URL specified in the Base URL field.

I have tried:

I can also identify the path to the php and pearl interpreters, and the help says:

Enter the name and address of the interpreter file in the zone corresponding to the type of file you wish to associate. If necessary, click on Open file to search for the file on your workstation.

In the Parameters zone, specify the parameters to associate to external interpreters.

These are set to

But I'm not sure if I need any run parameters.

Then I took these out, then back in...arghhhh. :cry:

For a while, I was at least getting a partially digested list (menu), and the little unresolved links to graphics. I could see the path to the unresolved link as I hovered over the thumbnail.

Now I get nada except the raw text of the index.php.

If I use IE7 and go to http://localhost/OR/index.php all is OK.

So now I have tried just about all possible combinations.

Can anyone help me find out how to get started with this editor and XAMPP?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I tried the AceHTMLPro version 6.6, but "out of the box" the editor couldn't parse the source correctly, and damned if I could figure out why.. Each line went forever horizontal on files that looked fine in V6.4.2
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