Can't start apache in Xampp

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Can't start apache in Xampp

Postby kirstyburgoine » 16. July 2007 10:11

I am a complete newbie with Xampp so I'm sure this is something really silly.

I've downloaded and installed Xampp 1.6.2 for Windows and everything installed as it should. When I open the control panel I can start mysql but not Apache. When I click start for Apache all that happens is I get this message:

Apache started [port 80]

Apache does not say it is running and the start button is there instead of stop. I've tried changing the port to 85 in httpd.conf. I did this by changing Listen 80 to 85 and the servername to Localhost:85 in httpd.conf in the Apache folder. This made no difference as it still came up as port 80 in the Xampp control panel.

I also run IIS on my PC as I often use .asp so I've put the Apache port back to 80 and changed the IIS port to 8080 instead. This has worked as I can view my .asp pages locally on localhost:8080 but Apache still won't start.

I've also read a few posts on here and discovered AMPstart. I've downloaded this to the Xampp folder on C:/xampp. But this just says it can't start Apache.

If I test my PHP file I just get a page cannot be found error.

I am at a complete loss now as I have had Apache and PHP running on this PC before but a friend recommended Xampp as an easy way to install all the applications I wanted. I uninstalled Apache and PHP so that I could install Xampp instead.

Somebody please help!!!!

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