Moving htdocs and security problems.

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Moving htdocs and security problems.

Postby TJ » 12. July 2007 11:54

Hi there.

My Setup:
Windows 2003
Xampp installed on C:

Due to the fact that I was running out of space on C: I looked into moving my htdocs folder to my larger drive.

I copied the htdocs folder over and then mapped it to H:.

I then changed the httpd-vhosts.conf to point my website to the new map.

All seemed fine until a few moments later a command window appeared on my server......I opened my task manager, checked users and some f#@ker had logged onto my system, and proceeded to shut it down. :evil:

Luckly I don't think it did any damage. :o

I did noticed that the .htaccess file did not allow access and the folders that I had neglected to put the .htaccess file worked ok.

Could anyone advise me as to the correct way of relocating the htdocs folder without leaving myself open to the nasty people?

Many thanks.

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Any answers?

Postby kevinmears » 15. July 2007 17:13


How did you get on with this as I need to do the same, butn ot sure about teh security aspects of just pointing to another directory.

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Postby TJ » 17. July 2007 19:27

Hi Kevin,

Still no further on.

Let me know if you find anything.
Will let you know if I do.

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