Constraints not created

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Constraints not created

Postby n8wolf » 11. July 2007 11:38

I'm using Xampp 1.6.2 on my WinXP pc.
I'm working through a ActiveGrid tutorial on ... wwhelp.htm

I'm busy with 'Getting Started - Add another Datamodel'

Using the SQL query browser in phpMyAdmin, I create the needed DB plus tables and records as per the supplied SQL queries in the tutorial. Opening the DB in Active grid shows that the Constraints have not been created as they were supposed to be.

I first used XAMPP 1.6.0 which didn't do the job correctly either, but a Forum user at ActiveGrid helped me to realize that the problem lies with XAMPP, as she supplied a SQL dump that I imported into 1.6.0, and this worked, the constraints was created. Trying to avoid this from happening again, I installed XAMPP 1.6.2 and then created the same DB using her Dump, but the constraints are now not created at all, which makes one see that the problem lies with XAMPP.

Please follow this step by step of what I did by looking at this post:

The problem does not lie with ActiveGrid, incase someone wishes to venture that direction.

Please help... am I misunderstanding XAMMP's abilities?

How do I persuade phpMyAdmin to create the Constraints so that tables with common fields can connect, thus making them Relational?

Thank you

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