Xampp - my own SQL

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Xampp - my own SQL

Postby psylo » 09. July 2007 00:19

hey whats up im new, need some help if anyone can direct me. I installed mysql through mysql.com/downloads along with the gui installer. I like using it...for some reason with xampp im having connection problems. is there some way i can install xampp without their sql setup? so i can just use the setup i had set? I read on xampp doc can i use my own mysql server. It says dont start the mysql from the xampp package how do i go by doing that?
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Re: Xampp - my own SQL

Postby ldivinag » 09. July 2007 10:29

just manually remove any mysql service.

then install the latest version from mysql.

that's what i did when xampp's mysql install wouldnt start up for me...
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