how to install Net::SSLeay Perl module

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how to install Net::SSLeay Perl module

Postby unrealdude24 » 07. July 2007 18:22

recently my school has started blocking email sites such as yahoo, hotmail, and gmail. I decided to do some research on how to bypass their firewall. I came across something called CGIProxy. This allows me to bypass and go to any site i want. However when i try logging into my yahoo account, it says:

This proxy as installed does not support SSL, i.e. URLs that start with "https://". To support SSL, the proxy administrator needs to install the Net::SSLeay Perl module, and then this proxy will automatically support SSL (the CGIProxy site has more info). In the meantime, any browsing to an "https://" URL will be directly from your browser, and no longer anonymous.

I have perl installed on the server. I can access any site that doesn't use SSL but i need to access yahoo mail. If anyone could give me instructions on how to exactly install SSLeay, I would be greatful. Any help is appreciated.

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Postby can0ne » 19. July 2007 11:45

I´ve just installed it some minutes ago - it works fine!

on Windows use:
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ppm install

on Unix use:
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the same  :P

on Confusion use:
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