Installing Xampp on usb hard drive

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Installing Xampp on usb hard drive

Postby johnmc » 03. July 2007 11:11

I have a desktop running Xp SP2 and a laptop running Vista Home Premium. I want to run Xampp on an external USB hard drive. The drive will appear as F drive on both computers. This makes me believe that I should use a top level folder ie F:/Xampp on the USB drive. Is the window installer version the appropriate package to use? The whole purpose of all this is to have a local installation of my website (TNG) run from my laptop browser when I am unable to connect to the Internet.
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Postby lyntuan » 03. July 2007 12:36

Use /Xampp instead of F:/Xampp in the config files.
Another way, use AMPstart to launch your web server. You do not need to change anything in your Xampp package. Simply put AMPstart in Xampp folder and run it.
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Postby davidspan » 03. July 2007 19:10

XAMPP is one of the topics I write about
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Postby Promaetheus » 27. August 2007 17:08

thanks for this two great articles! i have one question about it. what can i delete when i use xampplite and ampstart. because i think i do not need some files which are standard in xampplite folder. for example xampp-control and so on. would be nice if you could tell, so that i can clean up the xampplite folder and optimize it.
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