Noob trouble

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Noob trouble

Postby Amp » 02. July 2007 16:22

Hi all
Have instaled and tested Apache and all seems to be well. Tested it using the test files provided, using and it was fine.

Have tried to test my own php files and i get a 'specified path does not exist' message. Now im pretty sure i am doing something wrong, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated, keep it simple tho, ive only just started using php and havent got my head around server side stuff yet. When i drag and drop a .html file from the same place it works fine, just not the .php files? Something i havent switched on? Also...

Where do my .php files need to sit? In my C:/xampp folder?

Can i just drag and drop them into a browser window? Or is there another process for me to view/test them?

If im typing in the address of the files myself, should they be: ... ooking_for
Or some other address?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you!
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Postby Amp » 02. July 2007 21:21

Have had a play around and got my browser to show the html files. I put them in the htdocs folder, but it still wont show me the php files, i just get a 'specified path does not exist' message???
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Postby ldivinag » 09. July 2007 11:07

apache in the most basic install, has one directory tree where all files must be placed. in this case, it's the folder under the apache subdirectory called "htdocs".

place all your php files there.

do a simple:

Code: Select all

echo phpinfo();


and place it under the "root" of the htdocs. call it "t.php" and then invoke it via

and see if you get the famous PHPINFO page.

if not, apache is messed up and not parsing php correctly...
leo d.
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