Sending Mail out of Localhost

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Sending Mail out of Localhost

Postby w3irdo » 02. July 2007 09:19

i dled the Pegasus Mail v4.41 for Windows, 32-bit for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
What is it for ? does it replace mercury or have to be run together with mercury?

i am running on localhost, trying to send mail to
What do i have to configue? sry, a starter programmer here.

My current config is
[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
; SMTP = localhost
smtp_port = 25
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Postby davidspan » 03. July 2007 06:02

You should check if your isp will even allow you to do this first. It's very hard to get this function to work, mainly because isp will not allow you to do it.
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Local Mail Through ISP

Postby tony-chambers » 04. July 2007 22:23


I couldn't help but notice you're having the same problem i am with switching to a home server.

Everything works great apart from the sendmail function (well tell a lie this does work but it's the isp's config which is the prob).

I've tried everything from consulting my IT manager at work to ringing my isp direct. Non of which have helped.

I did however make a break through when i downloaded a program called 1st Mail Server which simplified everything and was really easy to configure.
After setting this program up and getting it to talk to my website perfectly i managed to narrow it down to 1 thing. This was that my ISP would not allow the distribution of third party mail due to spam regulations or something. I found this out after days of testing, registering with my website using different email addresses and i found that the only emails it would pass on was emails to accounts with my isp's domain after it.

So i found my next step was to try and get a complete web mail server which does everything and not just a forwarder.

So if anyone knows of a remedy for this problem please feel free to contribute your knowledge.

I feel i am at whits end and am thinking of resorting back to paid webhosting. :(


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Postby w3irdo » 05. July 2007 06:33


try the free webhosting that comes with FREE email services.

I am using tat now.
I used the same codes and the mail() function worked perfectly.
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Sending Mail out of Localhost

Postby tony-chambers » 05. July 2007 09:37


Thanks for the quick responce.

would this require me to upload my site to a free host? or can i just forward mail to them and use their email services?

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Postby w3irdo » 05. July 2007 12:42

you will need to upload all ur files up to web hosting.
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