SQLite & SQLiteManager

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SQLite & SQLiteManager

Postby aa2937 » 27. June 2007 07:39

OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

I formerly used WAMP5 which comes with SQLite and SQLiteManager explicitly installed. A link to them appears in the index.php, and it's very easy to invoke them.
Because XAMPP is referred to in PHPEclipse plugin, I decided to try it. But I could not find where SQLite and SQLiteManager are. If they are not bundled in the installation package, could you please explain me where and how install them.

Thank you in advance
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2, 2048 MB RAM
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Postby Wiedmann » 27. June 2007 11:46

SQlite is part of PHP (and XAMPP). SQlite2 is default enabled. SQlite3 you must enable yourself.

I can't say anything about "SQLiteManager". You should read the manual for this program.
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