Images not displaying?

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Images not displaying?

Postby timothyjacobs624 » 25. June 2007 20:10

Hi, I'm new here. I have used Xampp before and it's a great project. I have installed a 2nd hard drive on a machine running Windows XP Pro. The 2nd hard drive is blank, I just wanted it for extra storage and small webserver. I have installed Xampp on the 2nd hard drive and was able to access the server and ftp. I created an FTP tutorial with screenshots. When I went to view the page, the images would not load. I know the images are in the dirctory and the page is coded right. I'm using Firefox and when I right click the image and click "View Image" I get the error... Cannot view image <image location> because it contains errors... This is really frusterating. I have already tried changing the apache config file's EnableMMAP off and EnableSendfile off things with no luck. Maybe I just don't fully understand what to do with these configurations. I really want this to work, it's really convienent for me to have. This is the only problem I have with the project. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

Thanks alot,
Timothy Jacobs,
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Postby davidspan » 25. June 2007 23:15

Have you setup the document directory in the apache config file?
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