Localhost not accessible !?!

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Localhost not accessible !?!

Postby IndigoDragon » 25. June 2007 15:31

Hi there,

After installing XAMPP the localhost isn't accessible. The page keeps 'loading' but no result is shown. So I dug through a couple of forums and found the Win32DisableAcceptEx fix.

Despite trying the Win32DisableAcceptEx 'fix' I still can't access localhost.
I added the fix to the end of the httpd.conf file. The "too many errors" aren't shown in the logfile anymore but localhost still isn't accessible.
I've also tried shutting down the firewall and anti virus as well however, to no avail. :(

This is driving me nuts! :shock:
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you for your time!!!

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Postby guyromb » 25. June 2007 18:42

Do u have router?
Try do this thing (Windows xp):
Start > Control Panel > (Classic categories) Admin tools > Services, than search for Apache... right click > disable, than click again than enable it.
good luck
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Postby davidspan » 25. June 2007 23:23

You might have something (meaning software) else using port 80. change to port 8080 and in the apache config file, restart apache, then try http://localhost:8080

If that works, look for the software that is using the default http port. It could be something like skype, or other chat programs. or a windows server.

If it's skype look here first:
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