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vhost. how and what?

PostPosted: 23. June 2007 10:23
by the-geek
i'd be very glad if someone could tell me or point me to a good resource about vhost matter. thanks

PostPosted: 23. June 2007 11:56
by Wiedmann

PostPosted: 23. June 2007 16:32
by the-geek
been there all the evening.. what i understood, i need to set up my dns first. how do i do it? note that i dont use me pc to connect the net but it has modem and i set the dns (in modems property tcp, ip-i tick the static dns) with some random ips. do i need to do anything else? a guide pls? ps. i use my pc for testing my wordpress installation. its not connected to any internet or LAN.

PostPosted: 27. June 2007 00:17
by davidspan
You don't need an ip address for each vhost

Try This ... n-windows/