apache from outside local network?

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apache from outside local network?

Postby dale » 23. June 2007 04:47

Ive setup the software, and got my webpage working perfectly from the local computer, useing "localhost" or "" goes directly to my website where everything works a dream, but! if i try to use my "real" ip, or have a friend look at my site, it just times out, and before you say it, yes, port 80 is open on the firewall (hardware and software), as a matter of fact at the moment i have disabled both hardware and software firewalls just to make sure it isnt them. I can only assume there is a setting in apache somwhere dis-allowing external connections, but i am compleatly unable to find it, anybody have a idea?
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Hardware Firewall

Postby Snoopy.pa30 » 27. June 2007 14:18


You mentioned that you have a Hardware Firewall. I suspect it is either a cable/DSL router. That device will have in it what your ACTUAL IP Address on the internet is. Then you will have to FORWARD the port 80 from the device to your machine's IP address.

There should be TONS of online references for Forwarding your ports on the device that you have.

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