cant access webserver

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cant access webserver

Postby thongsai » 21. June 2007 04:46

each time i type local host or it goes into the admin page of the xampp.

any suggestions?
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Postby Wiedmann » 21. June 2007 09:33

What want you see instead?
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Postby Rhodesia » 24. June 2007 23:32

Three options,;

Browse to the index.php file in the htdocs folder and rename it redirect.php, then place your own index.php or index.htm page into that folder and viola you now dont see the xampp index page. (This way, if you want to get to the xampp folder, type in localhost/redirect.php and it will load the xampp page)


Delete the files in the htdocs/xampp directory and start placing your own files into there. (you will no longer have access to the xampp page files or security files) but the rest of the server will function fine


Change the httpd.conf (located in the apache\conf folder) file to set the root folder for the server, change the line
DocumentRoot "D:/program files/xampp/htdocs/"
DocumentRoot "D:/path/to/webfiles"
(obviously, the path/to/webfiles would need to reflect the location of the folder, something like C:\Documents and Settings\youraccount\My Documents\sitefolder\ where youraccount is your username and sitefolder is the folder you have the website files in)

Then in the httpd.conf file, change
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<Directory "D:/program files/xampp/htdocs/">
to the same location of the new folder you set above.

restart the apache server.
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