I need an older version !help!

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I need an older version !help!

Postby zigzag » 17. June 2007 22:03

I want to install phpBB 2.0.20 on my windows machine and i was going to install it with XAMPP but to do that i need php4 and mysql v4.0 or v4.1.
I found how to downgrade the php but i can't manage to find anything usefull for downgrading the mysql.
I'm not advanced in this stuff but installing a forum is no big deal still.. i need this "downgrades".

Please can anyone help me ?

Best Regards
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Postby Xodus » 18. June 2007 06:33

You can install phpbb on a new php version.
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Postby zigzag » 20. June 2007 04:40

yes i know but... there's need to make some changes wich i don't know. I'm reading a step-by-step tutorial that teaches me how to install phpBB on windows machines.... so.. now you know my secret :)

Can someone please help me or guide me in the right direction ?

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Older Versions of XAMPP

Postby philip79 » 20. June 2007 12:33

You can find older versions of XAMPP at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... e_id=89552
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