Xampp vs. Galaxytool

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Xampp vs. Galaxytool

Postby trn » 17. June 2007 17:06


i had installed galaxytool which is the program for processing data from the game Ogame...
it works trough the local server installed on my HDD using Xampp.
everything is working fine but i don't know how can other players connect to my server!?!
if somebody enters my ip address in the browser it just says: 'welcome to Xampp bla, bla...'
but nothing happens.
i have 56k connection,
please HELP!!!!
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Postby Xodus » 17. June 2007 21:02

If you used the defaults for the installation. Put your content in C:\xampp\htdocs\ And name the page that people want to see index.html
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