Settings Don't Stick!

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Settings Don't Stick!

Postby xlxt0mxlx » 16. June 2007 23:06

No matter what I do, I can't get anything to stay running after I click the "Start" button to start it, it says it started, and then it changes back to the "Start" button instead of staying as "Stop"...Why is this??
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Postby Xodus » 17. June 2007 06:37

Go to your base install directory and run apache_start.exe, then right click, click Mark Highlight the whole thing, and press enter. This will copy it, then paste it back here.

The default base install directory is C:\xampp\

So if that is it, run this exe: C:\xampp\apache_start.exe and do what I said above :)
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Postby lyntuan » 17. June 2007 08:06

Try to use AMPstart to launch XAMPP
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Postby xlxt0mxlx » 18. June 2007 05:43

Hmm..It seems when I installed Apache as a service, it fixed itself...Thx all for your help though..Will keep your suggestions in mind for future problems
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