Incoming connections + internet through network

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Incoming connections + internet through network

Postby maurice_zarzycki » 16. June 2007 18:48

Hello there.
I'll let myself go straight to the point.
I have internet through the network. How can I allow someone to access my server through the web? Basically I just want it to allow my friend to look how the work is going anytime.

Well, excepting this I'm quite n00bish with all the servers thing - I don't even know how to connect to such server even without this network-internet :).

Thanks in advance
-Maurice Z.
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Postby Xodus » 17. June 2007 06:35

You need to find out what brand of router you use, and the forward port 80 and port 443.

Google port fowarding and in the first few results is a website for almost all the routers.
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