[solved] Odd text on XAMPP splash page examples

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[solved] Odd text on XAMPP splash page examples

Postby sggraham32 » 15. June 2007 23:27

Update: I had an old version of PHP installed on my machine. I removed it, reinstalled XAMPP and the problem appeared solved.

Hi All:
New to XAMPP, new to PHP.

Installed latest windows installation of XAMPP, using the installer taking the defaults.

When I browse to http://localhost, I notice a couple of strange things.

First, there is no "status" link on the right side of the splash page.

Second, when I select some of the examples (eg biorythms) I seem to be getting junk text on the page instead of what I think should be normal behavior.

Third, the <title> is rendered literally ie the text XAMP <?include('.version');?> appears in the title bar of the browser (both Firefox and IE).

It really appears that the php script is not being executed. Is there some setup step I missed?

Thoughts? Advice?

I notice other forum posts have screen shots. I could not figure out how to include images with this post.

thanks in advance.

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