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Same localhost PHP code and static HTML display differently

PostPosted: 15. June 2007 16:53
by snype
Recently I installed XAMPP for development but am having inconsistent results with generated HTML code from the localhost PHP to static HTML code. These pages have exactly the same code but the HTML generated from the localhost PHP displays is a very strange way.

I have a page that I viewed through the localhost when was created via PHP. It had trouble displaying the background correctly as well as the flash animation. So I took the HTML code generated from the localhost PHP and pasted it into a blank HTML file. I then viewed the newly create HTML file and it looked fine. Everything was as it should be.

I have the same code generated from the localhost PHP and in a static HTML file yet they display differently? How can this be?

I have tried this in both explorer and firefox and the same thing happens. However the different browsers cause different errors when viewing the page from the localhost PHP.

I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to setting up development environment but I have absolutely not idea how this problem could have come about.

Any help would be great


PostPosted: 25. June 2007 23:53
by davidspan
This could be caused by a lot of different things... My first thought would be a CSS is missing with one.

PostPosted: 26. June 2007 02:17
by Xodus
It sounds like your trying to echo "'s . Post the entire.php file you are trying to parse(output)