Fixed: Settitng up SMTP Server using PHP.INI file

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Fixed: Settitng up SMTP Server using PHP.INI file

Postby TotalBalance » 14. June 2007 00:34

Fixed: With the help of Wiedmann, looked at phpinfo() to find php.ini file in use. Once I made the changes, all worked as designed.
I've just switched from WAMP5. While I really like XAMPP, one thing that's I can't get to work is setting up SMTP to work with my Google Apps acct.

The way I got it to work with WAMP5 was very easy (see below). However, when I made the same changes to the php.ini file using XAMPP, doesn't seem to work. Any ideas would be really great.

Thx. in advance,


With Google Apps there was no need to supply a user name and password
which I found interesting although I've tested with and without
authentication and it works both way.
So the required and optional lines in the php.ini file under the [mail
function] for my Google apps acct. look like this:

[mail function]
smtp_port = 25
sendmail_from = [email address]

SMTPAuth = true
Username = [email address]
Password= xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Keep in mind the the SMTP MX record I used was the preferred one based
on what ... om&type=MX
returned. Your domain may be using a different Google MX record.

P.S. For some web apps (i.e. mediawiki) you should also make a change to the [Date] section (right above this one). Specify you timezone.

e.g. date.timezone = America/Denver
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