Directory Mismatch

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Directory Mismatch

Postby keller » 12. June 2007 23:35


I'm completely new to the project and I don't have any knowledge about php or databases but I managed to install and run XAMPP once having the following problem (I couldn't find an answer to that in the forum).
When I run Control Panel in order to activate Apache, there is a message in the message window at the bottom:
Current Directory: E:/xampp
Install Directory:
***Warning: Directory Mismatch***

I installed XAMPP 1.6.2 for windows (i have XP) few minutes ago and when I run control panel for the first time, everything worked fine. Having the error now displayed, I can't activate anything and Apache refuses to be activated. I haven't move the xampp folder at all so I really don't understand if there is my fault anywhere.
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Postby lyntuan » 13. June 2007 01:42

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Postby keller » 13. June 2007 05:22

unfortunately, that doesn't help, AMPstart seems to work (at least the icons shows in the taskbar) but I can't invoke http://localhost
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Postby Draven » 22. September 2007 22:23

Take a look at my post (Draven) in this topic : ... y+mismatch

Hope this helps.
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