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logging into myPHPadmin

PostPosted: 05. June 2007 18:40
by Xibit-a
Hi All ..iam newbie to this

iam currenty running Xampp on Vista Ultimate

okay i set up my root password ...i log into okay

Apache starts okay
MySQL starts okay

but when i go to log in to "myphpadmin" is says unable to connect with
MySQL server ??

no matter what configuration ... 'http or cookie '
am i suppose to be editing the ??

any help will be really greatful

peace :)

PostPosted: 05. June 2007 18:45
by Xibit-a
whoops sorry phpMyAdmin :)

PostPosted: 05. June 2007 18:55
by Codesmith
I use HTTP Auth, user root, password mysql root password.

If you can connect locally, but not from other systems then its possible that the mysql account you are trying to use has host restrictions, which you can them remove.

(change the phpmyadmin passphrase if you use the cookie method)

PS Vista Ultimate here as well with no problems, in case you were worried about that.

PostPosted: 05. June 2007 19:32
by Xibit-a
Hi Codesmith ...well really i just want to use Xampp for testing purposes

forms , shopping carts , flash movies , etc etc
no other user ...but me ! :)

PostPosted: 07. June 2007 22:33
by Codesmith
I don't understand how what you just said relates to anything that was said previously.

Nothing we discussed remotely relates to multiple users.